Friday, August 9, 2013

Checking out Banshee's Animations

© Kings Island
How great was last night's announcement of Banshee at Kings Island?  The world's longest inverted roller coaster will open at the park in 2014, complete with a striking blue and purple color scheme.  Scott and Carol were lucky enough to be at the park for the announcement, so be sure to check out their coverage here with more details on the coaster.

Along with the announcement details, Kings Island has released a set of animations for the new ride - all of which are pretty slick.

While not much of the ride itself is featured in this teaser video, I think most would agree that it is pretty fantastic.  How great is the shot of Son of Beast crumbling to the ground?

If you're itching to take a ride on Banshee but hate to wait all those months then this point of view video should help.  It's quite amazing just how large all the ride's elements are, especially when you compare to B&M's last Inverted ride, OzIris - which has very small elements by comparison.

I also love these bird's eye view videos that park's released with new ride announcements, and Banshee's is no exception.  This one really also shows off how the coaster will fit into Kings Island, and also again just how massive the coaster will be.

With vertical construction said to start in a month or so we don't have to wait long to see Banshee head toward the sky.  I can't wait!