Sunday, August 18, 2013

From The Vault: Lake Compounce 1998 Brochure

Lake Compounce is a charming old amusement and water park located near Bristol, CT.  This is the park's 1998 general brochure.

Happy Days Are Here Again is a cute tag-line for the year!  As advertised on the cover the facility consists of over 100 acres of family fun, including rides and slides for a whole family.  The park's looping boomerang coaster can be seen on the cover, along with one of the park's water slides.

And water slides were the focus of 1998, when Lake Compounce added Splash Harbor, a whole new water park.  The area started out small, containing a small wave pool, small kiddie play area, and a handful of slides.  The page also advertises the Tornado, though I'm having trouble finding reference to any water park attraction at Lake Compounce by that name. It certainly was not the typical "Tornado" slide we often hear of, sounds like a dark slide of some sort.  Maybe someone more familiar with the park can leave a comment explaining?

The large center shows of many of the amusement park's offerings.  Here we see the spinning Topspin, the park's boomerang coaster which is named Zoomerang, the Sky Ride - which offers amazing views - and Thunder Rapids.

Other items shown on the bottom section include the wooden coaster, Wildcat (this predates Boulder Dash), the log flume Big Splash, the park's kiddie area and live entertainment offerings, and of course the actual lake that gives the park its name!