Monday, August 19, 2013

New Coaster for Six Flags Great America in 2014?

The local news has revealed some secrets about Six Flags Great America's thrilling plans for their 2014 season.  What's the good word you ask?  How about the fastest wooden roller coaster?

According to the article that is exactly what the park has planned for next year.  To be located where the Iron Wolf can been seen in the aerial shot above, the new coaster would stand 165 feet tall and also be the "fastest."  The article points out that it is not yet specific to the fastest in the state, country, world, etc.

The current wood coaster record holder for speed is El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure, at 70 miles per hour, followed by the brand new Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City at 68 miles per hour.

Six Flags Great America has continued to release new teaser videos, leading up to the official announcement on August 29th.  This one is the latest, and shows three Guinness World Record sheets inside the secret folder - so could we see three records broken with this new ride?

Very interesting turn of events, no?