Thursday, August 22, 2013

More Details on Six Flags Great America's "Giant" New Attraction

© Marcus Leshock via Twitter
Last night Six Flags Great America went to their local planning commission in order to seek approval for a new coaster for next season.  Naturally as a part of that the park had to give some details about the ride, though all the really good stuff won't be revealed until the announcement on August 29th.

Still, a few images - like the one above of the ride's height plan - were shown at the meeting, which was well attended by fans of the park.  If you want a much bigger spoiler of the ride, you can check out an image hosted here on SFGAm World.

The park has also released its final teaser video leading up to the announcement:

If you take notice of the numbers of the cameras at the bottom I'm pretty sure the park is toying with us... they all have meanings that will become clear on the 29th!  I have a feeling this record breaking ride is going to quickly become one of the most popular ones of 2014.