Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Heide Park Unveils New B&M Wing Coaster

With the ride already under construction, it wasn't much of a secret anymore, but Germany's Heide Park has announced a new B&M Wing Coaster for next season.

The name of the new coaster has not been revealed yet, but the statistics and layout have.

This layout drawing of the new coaster was shown on this German news site, along with some current construction photos of the coaster.  From the ride's official website we know that the coaster will be 2,532 feet long, 131 feet tall and hit a maximum speed of 62 miles per hour.  The coaster features five inversions and six near miss elements, and will cost over $20 million.

The ride starts with a twisting dive as we've seen on other B&M Wing Coasters, immediately to a promising looking speed bump, followed by an Immelman.  A flat spin followed by a helix moves the trains into a new and fun looking element, a combination of two inversions in one in a pretzel like knot.  A final helix ends the ride's run.

An addition gallery of photos from the ride's announcement can be seen at this link, including a look at the ride's blueprints.