Sunday, August 18, 2013

Holiday World Ends Work on the Voyage's New Trains

© Holiday World
It is a short statement, but it makes the point crystal clear - we will not be seeing Timberliners on the Voyage at Holiday World.

"For four years, we have worked in partnership with Gravitykraft Corp. to test a new style of roller coaster train for The Voyage, our award-winning wooden roller coaster.

We very much appreciate Gravitykraft’s efforts in this process, however ultimately we have decided to continue running the existing trains on our three wooden coasters."

That is what was shared by the park via their official website blog.   Over the years Gravitykraft has been working with the park to bring their Timeberliner trains to the Voyage, a very large and aggressive wooden coaster.  The ride has been running Philadelphia Toboggan Coaster trains since it opened in 2006.  Now, it appears as though it will continue to for the foreseeable future.

Gravitykraft currently has Timberliner trains running on several wooden coasters, including the Wooden Warrior at Quassy Amusement Park, Twister at Grona Lund, and this year's renovated Hades 360 at Mt. Olympus Theme and Water Park.