Thursday, August 29, 2013

Six Flags Mexico Transforms Medusa Into Hybrid Coaster for 2014

Fear not, out of all the Six Flags announcements today we still have one more rather exciting one to cover.  The conversion of out-of-shape wooden coasters into modern thrillers will continue next season at Six Flags Mexico where Medusa Steel Coaster will open.

The hybrid coaster is receiving the Rocky Mountain treatment, with new steel track going on top of the existing wooden structure.  The result, frankly, looks amazing.

The wooden version of Medusa at Six Flags Mexico opened in 2000, and was a Custom Coasters International design.  The ride had a very unique and twisted layout which lends itself perfectly to a Rocky Mountain makeover.

The Steel version of the ride will feature three inversions, including a twist right at the start of the first drop!  Plenty of highly banked turns and two more barrel rolls can be found in the rest of the layout.  The ride stands 98 feet tall and will reach 58 miles per hour.

As with the two previous rides to receive this style of makeover, Medusa Steel Coaster will have two all new trains fabricated for it - complete with decorative Medusa head on the front.

The scale of the first two rides to undergo this transformation were much bigger than Medusa, so I'm anxiously looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.  Granted Medusa is not a small ride, but when compared to New Texas Giant and Iron Rattler it sort of is.  Definitely one to watch for next year!