Friday, August 23, 2013

Scott And Carol Present - Kings Island's Banshee Goes Vertical!

New Banshee teasers now line the fence, showing the logo and various views of the rides concept artwork.

The transfer area was the first vertical assembly of Banshee, appearing on August 21st.

These are the first tracks supports that went up August 22nd.

Here's a close up showing where the track will bolt to the bottom side of the supports.

Here is the whole area, from the Eiffel Tower, as of August 22nd.

The first sections of Banshee's wine red track are laying on the ground, surrounded by the rides cobalt blue supports.

From the Eiffel Tower we captured this aerial view of the transfer track area.

There are plenty more cobalt blue supports waiting to go vertical.

More cobalt blue supports, along with some wine red transfer track pieces.

These two lonely looking pieces of the wine red track are set off by themselves, hopefully many more pieces will join them.