Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Peek at Kings Island's 2014 Coaster

I drew you guys a neat red squiggly line over a map of Kings Island, don't you like it?  It just so happens to appear as though this is the layout of the park's new 2014 ride.  Like it a little more now?

I'm not the biggest fan of parks having their announcements ruined, but in this case the plans for the ride started appearing on so many sites over the past few days I decided this one is so far out of the bag that I would join in the fun.

A video appears on YouTube that appeared to show off some very legitimate plans, and soon after local news sources and about every fan site out there were speculating.

The drawing I did was actually traced from the plans, and then adjusted to scale and plopped over an aerial of the park.  As for the style of ride and other details, since those were not in the leaked blueprints I'm not going to speculate.  I certainly have a good guess at what we're seeing here but I can patiently wait five more days for the park's big reveal.

We do know that the coaster will break at least one world record, and Kings Island sent out silver combs with hair in them to media outlets and has made a graveyard by the site where we expect the announcement to be done.  Looking at the name Stengel on one of the grave stones bring a certain famous coaster designer to mind.

Scott and Carol plan on being at the announcement on the 8th, so watch for coverage soon after!