Friday, August 16, 2013

Bay Beach Amusement Park Starts Building New Ride

© Bay Beach Amusement Park
Purchased last season, the new Sea Dragon ride has undergone an extensive refurbishment during most of the spring and summer, and is now being installed at Bay Beach Amusement Park.

The new ride will be located near the park's Zippin Pippin wooden roller coaster, which can be seen in the background of the above photo.  The swinging ship style ride is a classic attraction that can be found at most parks, and Bay Beach is excited to be adding one of their own.

With a quick instillation planned for the Sea Dragon, they hope that it can be open before Labor Day.  That will give visitors who are closing out their summer one last treat, and the ride will be a main focus of the park's 2014 season.

Earlier this year the city-run park announced a ten year expansion plan that would include several new rides and attractions, including the Sea Dragon.  You can read more about that plan at this link.