Sunday, August 11, 2013

From The Vault: Lagoon 2001 Brochure and Map

This week's From The Vault shall focus on Lagoon's 2001 brochure and park map.  Lagoon is located in Farmington, Utah - a little North of Salt Lake City.  Not a park that most people happen upon unless they're specifically traveling there, or of course live locally.  The park has an interesting mix of rides and attractions so let's have a look.

You have to love that the park's classic Schwarzkopf loops is right on the front of the brochure!  Known as Colossus the Fire Dragon, the ride features two vertical loops and an extended helix.  Colossus originally traveled the German fair circuit before making its way across the ocean to Lagoon.

The park's tag line of "you'll never be the same" is actually a bit intimidating!  What's going to happen there that will forever change me!

Rides, slides, water, songs, dance, the great wild west - there's lots that is offered as part of an admission ticket to Lagoon.  In 2001 the park's new attraction was cliffhanger, a Mondial Splash Over flat ride.  It has two rows of seats that independently spin - like a Top Spin - and there are some elaborate fountains that blast up as the ride spins as well.  You can check out a video of the ride here, it looks like a pretty unique ride for the States!

The center of the park's brochure is one enormous long panel, so I scanned it in as such.  At the time this was printed the park had several roller coasters, such as the classic wooden Roller Coaster, a Jet Star, the aforementioned Colossus, and a Wild Mouse.  Since then a new fleet of rides have been added, including two family coasters (Bat and Bombora), along with the spinning Spider and blasting Wicked.

The park had a very simplistic map style for many years, which was still being used in 2001 and can be seen here.  While a bit unflattering, it certainly made things clear for guests as to where they wanted to be headed!  The current map is actually still similar, though with better color and a slight bit more detail.

Lagoon is apparently well underway on constructing a brand new - said to be pretty darn tall - roller coaster, so I think we'll be hearing more about the park quite a bit in future months!