Thursday, August 16, 2012

Six Flags Great Adventure's 2013 Journey

I think all these teases that Six Flags parks are putting out are a lot of fun!  Six Flags Great Adventure has joined the game, releasing the above image on Facebook with a bit of a puzzle:

"In 2013 you'll be packing your bags, for where one door closes, another door opens. What will you bring?"

So we're packing bags and heading off for something new, but at the same time that will mark the end of the line for something already existing at the park, am I reading that correctly?

The crate above definitely has been around quite a bit, judging from the applied stickers.  There's almost a tropical feel to it as well, which makes me think of the park's Wild Safari and also The Golden Kingdom themed area.  Both seem to be in need of some form of redevelopment, but am I even on the right path?

Can't wait for August 30th to find out!


Ryan said...

I hope it's not the removal of Houdini, I love that ride and it needs to be re opened.