Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chance Rides' Latest Thrill: Freestyle

I don't think that any video has actually made me feel even a little bit dizzy until the one above. Chance Rides is currently cooking up a new attraction, named Freestyle, which features a combination of rotations that is sure to get to even the sturdiest of stomachs.

At a glance Freestyle appears to take the popular Casino, or Wipeout, ride and bump things up a notch.  Riders are in sets of two, for a total of 24 per cycle, on a ring that spins at a max of 20 rpm.  The entire ring then rises to a maximum tilt of 65 degrees while the base also starts to rotate.  Hard to explain, but the above video is crystal clear on how crazy the ride experience looks.

Both trailer and park models of Freestyle will be available, and the ride requires only a minimum 48 inch rider height.  While my stomach probably couldn't handle a spin on Freestyle there are plenty that could, and I'm sure it will not be long at all until we see one in operation.

For more about the ride, check out the Chance Rides website.