Sunday, August 19, 2012

GateKeeper Details and Disaster Destruction

© Cedar Point
With Cedar Point's big GateKeeper announcement now over, many fans are still looking for additional details about the massive B&M Wing coaster.  The Sandusky Register ran an interesting story that paints more of a picture about GateKeeper's backstory, and Pointbuzz also has a video with a question and answer session with Monty Jasper, Cedar Fair corporate VP of Engineering and Safety, about the ride.

It goes without saying that the ride is going to have a huge impact at the Point, and has all the makings of a great ride.

As for Disaster Transport, well there's not much left!  Recent photos also posted to Pointbuzz confirm this, head over to catch a glimpse of the ride before it is gone.  The park has had to block off both Troika and the Space Spiral as deconstruction of the ride gets up close and personal with park guests.