Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Legoland Florida's Continued Wave of Success

© Legoland Florida
I think it is wonderful news that one of the few large new theme park developments of the past few years is continuing to find success while many doubted they ever would.  Legoland Florida, which opened not quite a year ago, has been performing well and even "exceeding their budget," according to this article.

In a world where meeting a budget, let alone exceeding it, has become quite difficult that's quite an achievement for Legoland Florida. 

The park is located well outside the Orlando park hub, but still has managed to draw guests who are in the area on vacation.  It doesn't hurt either that the park spread the news that they wouldn't increase their prices this Summer when both Universal and Disney did.  The park has also been reactive to their customers, including modifying park hours to meet demand.

Merlin Entertainments, owners of all the Legoland Parks and many others around the globe, was also smart to quickly get the water park reopened in time for this Summer.  With a full year almost under their belt, it will be interesting to see what the park's first big expansion will be.  Hopefully something that will continue to grab the attention of locals and tourists alike!