Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Iron Rattler Strikes Six Flags Fiesta Texas in 2013

It is probably safe to say that we've all be anxiously awaiting the follow up to 2011's amazing transformation of the Texas Giant, and today Six Flags Fiesta Texas has announced just that:  The Iron Rattler.

Called a hybrid roller coaster by the park, the Iron Rattler will combine a classic wooden coaster support structure with modern steel track and rails.  The steel rails will allow for over-banked turns and inversions not possible with traditional wood coaster track.

Iron Rattle will utilize some parts of the Rattler's structure, while others look to be all new.  The Rattler's first drop will be restored to its former glory, now stretching 171 feet downward at an amazing 81 degrees.  That drop will get the trains moving at 70 miles per hour as they zoom past the 100 foot tall quarry walls.

While not all of the specifics of the ride have been released yet, we do know that the Iron Rattler will feature four over-banked turns during its layout, more than any hybrid coaster today.  The ride will also feature a full inverted barrel roll, seen above in concept.  The trains will tackle the barrel roll as they climb back up onto the top of the quarry, placing the inversion quite high up in the air.

“Six Flags has innovation as part of our DNA and the Iron Rattler will take extreme innovation to a new level with a taller drop, faster speed and steeper banks. This cutting-edge coaster truly marries the best of both classic and modern coaster designs to deliver heart-pounding thrills,” said park president Martin Bozer. 

As with the Texas Giant's renovation, Rocky Mountain Construction Group will be responsible for Iron Rattler's transformation, using their Iron Horse Track.  Construction of the ride is already underway, and should take eight months to complete.  The Rattler wooden roller coaster opened at Fiesta Texas in 1992, and took its last riders in its original form on August 5th of this year.