Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pirates Invading Legoland Florida In 2013?

© Legoland

Ahoy, maties!  No, it is not talk like a pirate day, but we do have some of those scoundrels to talk about today.

Plans filed with the local government make it appears as though Legoland Florida already has an expansion on its mind.  If the plans are indeed for next season, it appears as though a large new Pirate themed section will be added to the park.  The main feature of the land appears to be a Splash Battle attraction, similar to the Legoland California version pictured above.

Granted, the park has not officially announced any expansion plans, so for right now we can't be sure that anything will be added next year. 

I'm just psyched to see that the park is doing so well that new attractions are already being planned!  Many times when a new park opens it takes some time for expansions to take place, since the up-front capital involved to get a park open is so massive.