Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hersheypark Selling Roller Soaker

Continuing this year's trend of ride removals, Hersheypark has listed their interactive water roller coaster, named Roller Soaker, for sale for a cool $799,000.  While the ride very well may never sell to another operator, there is a good chance that Roller Soaker will give its last rides at Hersheypark this year.

Created by Setpoint, the interactive water features make the ride one of only two of its kind made by the company, with the other being the already closed Super Saturator at Carowinds.  Each car seats four riders below the track, and they have the ability to dump up to 4 gallons of water onto the ground below.  Roller Soaker also features several interactive water bombs and cannons that are activated by guests on the ground, potentially soaking riders.

With the removal of the ride Hersheypark could add to their somewhat cramped feeling water park.  Roller Soaker was pinned in the back corner of the water park as it expanded, and I have a feeling we won't have to wait too long before we see the park take advantage of the space.