Thursday, August 2, 2012

Two Rides Being Retired at Six Flags Over Texas

Fans will have the next month to get in their last rides on two of Six Flags Over Texas' rides, after which they will be removed from the park.

Both Flashback, a Vekoma boomerang roller coaster, and the Texas Chute Out parachute drop tower will be closed for good after Labor Day weekend.

© Six Flags Over Texas
According to the Arlington, Texas based theme park the Texas Chute Out has given more than 29 million rides since it opened at the park in 1976.  The 200 foot tall tower was "modeled after the old parachute drop at Coney Island," originally featuring baskets that guests could stand in as they floated downward.  Standard chair seats replaced the baskets in 1994.

Located just next to the Chute Out is Flashback, a standard design boomerang coaster added to Six Flags Over Texas in 1989.  Over 17 million riders have braved its three inversions - both forwards and backwards.

The park has made no comment on why the rides are being removed, but one could consider both age and the ability to be moved to another park as potential reasons.  The Texas Chute Out is one of only a handful of its kind left, so maintenance and parts could be an issue.  Flashback could easily be moved to another park, and rumors have it that that's exactly what will happen.

Seen above, the two rides sit in the very northeastern part of the park, and removing them will free up quite a bit of space.  As to what may replace them, the park has only offered "stay tuned," and that we will!  There will be a celebration for the rides on Monday September 3rd, the details of which are still being planned.