Thursday, August 9, 2012

Silver Dollar City 2013: Outlaw Run

Branson, Missouri's Silver Dollar City is taking the wooden coaster concept and pushing it to the extreme in 2013 when it debuts Outlaw Run, a record breaking new roller coaster.

Tagged as the "world's most daring wood coaster," the $10 million project features "stagecoach" trains that "go beyond the outskirts of the safe haven of the 1880s Silver Dollar City to a storied place where civility is waning and outlaws may lurk. Passengers, setting out with brave new dreams of vast America, board the Western Missouri Stagecoach Company – where, during treacherous travel, and at any minute, a wild chase could ensue."

Manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction Group, who was responsible for last year's makeover of the Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas, Outlaw Run will feature 2,937 feet of track.  A 107 foot tall lift hill will lead to a 162 foot drop at an 81 degree angle, the world record on a wooden ride.

© Silver Dollar City
Hitting 68 miles per hour at the bottom of the drop the trains will fly up into an amazingly over banked turn, 153 degrees to be exact - which also doubles as Outlaw Run's first inversion.  The ride will include a total of 9 spots of air-time, include a large double-up and double-down section of track.

© Silver Dollar City
After a healthy dose of additional twisting and turning the ride ends with an unprecedented 720 degree, double barrel roll element, fully inverting the train twice in the process.  All this with lap-bar restraints only!

Scott and Carol were on the scene today, getting the skinny on this tremendous new ride, and I'm sure plenty of photos as well.  Be sure to watch for that coverage coming soon here on NPN.  In the meantime you can read all about the new ride and see additional images on the official website set up for Outlaw Run.


Surya said...

Wow, this looks like a must ride!