Monday, August 13, 2012

The Latest Aerial Views of New Fantasyland

Artwork © Disney
A wonderful new set of aerial photos of the construction of New Fantasyland has been posted to WDW Magic, and for any fan of the project they are a must see.

With the park having recently announced an opening day for the new area (grand opening December 6th, previews start November 19th), the excitement for the new rides and attractions to open is growing.  Much of the expansion looks nearly complete in the photos, with only the very final finishing touches left to be applied.

Probably the most interesting photo is the close up of the work going on for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, a new roller coaster themed to Snow White's seven pals.  You can see supports sticking up that give hints of the layout, but much of the ride has now been enclosed so that makes it tougher.  They've really dug up the area to fit the ride in, and I'm quite excited to see how the finished product turns out.

Head over to WDW Magic to see the photos here.