Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dorney Park Pre-Haunt Update 8.22.12

Seems like yesterday that we were gearing up for the busy Summer season, alas suddenly those days have past and now attentions are being focused on the Fall.  And with the Fall comes Halloween Haunt at many parks, including Dorney.

The Haunt starts earlier this year, on September 14th actually, just a tad over three weeks from today.  Hard to believe, no?  With such little time before the festivities begin the park is in full build mode!

A display advertising the Haunt is up at the front gates, and with that means the hearse with attraction logos has reappeared, and it's been updated.  Take a scan, do you see anything new?

I do!  After a long wait we've finally gained the names of the new attractions, though we do not have any details from the park just yet.  Desolation: Operation Latchdoor, Head Hunters, and Blood Shed will be all new haunted mazes for 2012.

Also of note, Backwoods has been retired as expected due to Dinosaurs Alive! - though Blood Shed could probably make good use of its props.  Club Blood is gone as well, and so is Terror Square.

CornStalkers shall return once again, and as you can see above the park has already started building the layout on the service road that runs between Wildwater Kingdom and Talon.  That's one nasty looking piece of machinery they've got there!

If I were a betting man, and I am, I'd say that the replacement for Club Blood will be Desolation: Operation Latchdoor.  The former entrance to Club Blood actually looks like it might be the exit for the new attraction though, reversing the order of things.

Swinging around to the back of the area more sets have been polished off under Whitewater Landing, and in the service area behind it.  There's a very military/industrial/post human annihilation feel to it, this is what makes me believe this one is Desolation.  Either way, it should be fairly awesome considering there's plenty of outdoor sets and props along with the entire indoor section!

Age of Darkness was new last year, and many of the props that were built for it are already out on the midway.  This includes the entrance door on both sides and the large castle facade on the restrooms.

There's a lot going on in this one shot of the area just past the Scrambler.  First, there's something large being built right over the midway, but it's in the early stages so I can't tell what it is.  I don't remember it being there last year, but I can't be sure.

Beyond that action we can see that Death Trap has been built in the background as well.  That one went up quick, upon closer inspection at the park it appears it's totally done already and looks like it could be scaring people tonight!

I was wondering how the addition of the entrance area to Dinosaurs Alive! would affect Grave Walkers, but obviously the park has a plan since this haunt is largely built as well.  Perhaps Revolution's queue will be used?

Finally, one of the park's most impressive creations ever for Haunt, the Mansion House Hotel, is coming together.  The 'connector piece' which serves as the hotel's lobby is in between the groves, and as workers are busy installing everything you can see tons of props lined up outside awaiting placement.

So that's what could be seen today... but that also leaves the question of wherever will Head Hunters and Blood Shed go?  With Terror Square gone that could be one location, but still leaves somewhere else for the other.  Or perhaps the park will keep the go-karts open and not use Terror Square's former location?  Head Hunters sounds like an extension of the tribal theme the park used around Possessed last year, but is there room?

Only time, or the park of course, will tell!