Thursday, August 30, 2012

Six Flags America and Six Flags New England to Open Bonzai Pipelines in 2013

Both Maryland's Six Flags America and Massachusetts' Six Flags New England will premier a brand new slide tower named Bonzai Pipelines in 2013.

The design will be a first of its kind, featuring six different colored body slides, all of which start with a "Drenaline Drop", where riders enter a capsule only to have the floor drop out from beneath them, sending them soaring down the slide.

The six different slides that make up Bonzai Pipelines have different paths, and range in length from 253 to 257 feet.  The start of the slides will feature clear tubes, but the rest of the journey - which includes a horizontal loop - will take place in pitch black darkness.

The modern water slides will add a definite thrill element to their respective parks.  The challenge of facing a pure freefall to start the slide will makes the Pipelines one of the most exciting water park attractions around.  The increased capacity that will come from having six separate slides will also make the line move much faster than other slides, improving the guests' experience.

Concept art of Six Flags America's Bonzai Pipelines
With the addition of the 65 foot tall Bonzai Pipelines, both park's Hurricane Harbor water parks will expand their already impressive line up of water park attractions.  Six Flags America already features the largest seasonal wave pool in the nation, and Six Flags New England's water area features 27 slides, pools, and attractions.