Friday, July 1, 2011

A Western View: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2011 Update

On this A Western View we are doing a quick park update on Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. The park is about a third of the way through the busy summer season, so lets check out what changes have occurred, specifically the attractions that recently lost their themed licenses.

But first, Penguins! One of the best thing about Discovery Kingdom is that when you need a break from rides, games, and junk food you can check out all the animals the park has to offer.

The area formerly known as Thomas Town has become Seaside Junction. Gone are our fun pals from the Island of Sodor and in are the homegrown personalities of Discovery Kingdom.

Remember our Penguin pals? Well Harold the Helicopter has become Air Penguins, themed after those lovable flightless birds.

Bertie the Bus has become Merlin's Seaside Tours, named after the famous Dolphin that calls the park home.

Finally, Thomas the Tank Engine has become a generic Seaside Railway. It's disappointing to see such a great theme go away, but I was fairly impressed with the quality of the overhaul. It doesn't look like it was ever intended to be anything else than what it is now.

Next up, Tony Hawk's Big Spin has, like the other Six Flags parks, become Pandemonium. Unlike Seaside Junction, Pandemonium wasn't given a bunch of new themeing, it simply received a new sign and had everything else taken down.

The former Tony Hawk gift shop has become a row of Claw games.

The Tigers out enjoying the wonderful weather, perfect for a nap.

SkyScreamer's new queue line offers great new views of Medusa.

Finally we'll leave off with a shot of Discovery Kingdom's unique, and I feel superior, Impulse Coaster. The unique 45 degree angle spiral offers a fun and thrilling experience that you jusy don't get with the vertical spirals.


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Cedar Point opened corkscrew in 1976. The gemini( Cedar Point) opened in 1978