Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekly Rewind 7.23.11

Could Carowinds be going big in 2012?  Like a giant Huss flat ride big?  Some markers in the open area next to Intimidator are leading fans to think so.

Gerstlauer's new family shuttle ride at Germany's Freizeitpark Ruhpolding looks like it packs a bit of a punch.  The train are almost launched through the course, definitely a little help to gravity.

The Thing is coming to both Universal Orlando and Hollywood's 2011 Horror Nights.  With a movie due out this year it's a perfectly frightening fit.

Takabisha is just so crazy looking with all its inversions and way beyond vertical drop.  I know we've seen photos before, but check out some new ones from the ride's manufacturer.

With the ride opening next Spring, Universal Hollywood has started just a bit of a teaser website for their new Transformers ride.  Not much content now, but I'm sure that will change in time.

Opening in 2014, Adventure World Warsaw will open in Poland as a complete year-round fun park.  The designs look cute - construction is scheduled to start next year.

WhiteWater West has opened a new set of four AquaLoop slides at Korea's Everland Caribbean Bay.  I love the theming and unique lighting they are using at night!

Dorney Park has been approved to change the wording in their height variance plan with the local Township so that replacement rides for "tall" attractions need not be the exact same height.

Fun Spot Action Park is making plans for their recently acquired new land, and shared a concept drawing of potential additions on their blog.  Nothing is concrete, yet, and the park says a coaster will be included along with a water attraction.


Rue Efteling said...

Another marker is shown on Carowinds Connection : (thanx to at the opposite site of Intimidator. "GCI 2012" Is it a joke from Carowinds?

NewsPlusNotes said...

I'm now thinking that either they are just joking with everyone (though the stakes are for a project, I'm sure) OR the Huss one was real and when it was seen they just started adding others to make it less obvious. Just a guess, though.