Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WhiteWater's Viper Strikes NRH20

 Courtesy WhiteWater West

NRH20, located in North Richland Hills, Texas, has opened a brand new slide from WhiteWater West, named Viper.  The new ride is part of the company's new MEGAtube series, which feature an amazingly huge 20 foot diameter section that rafts drop into.  Viper is the only design model of its kind in the world to open this year.

Courtesy WhiteWater West

Guests can take on the Viper in 2 or 4 person rafts, starting from 43 ft. in the air and heading down a total of 430 ft. of slide.  The seating arrangements allow guests to enjoy the slide as a family, or in smaller groups if desired.

The inside of the massive diameter section is filled with special lighting and sound effects that give Viper a totally different experience at night.