Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dorney Park 7.12.11 Update

Decided to take a brief stroll around Dorney Park today to check out what's up with construction, etc. It was a hot one, no doubt, and I almost wished I was doing an update of the water park, instead!

Monster Watch 2011 continues - and here we see... no change. 

But there was plenty of change to see at the site of the park's unannounced 2012 attraction.  Crews have been busy at the site since our last update, and it certainly looks like a full construction zone now.  The area seeing work is still only in the former spot of Laser.

Plenty of dirt has now been moved around on the site, and some initial ground work has been completed.  What may look like footers in some of these photos are not - they look to me like the drainage system that has been installed on the site.

The big dirt hill is still present, though I have a feeling that it will be removed later on during construction.  There's also some nice size chunks of concrete that have been dug up in this shot.  I can't be sure, but perhaps they are from the old pool on which Laser was built over?

Here is a closer shot of the faux footers.  In the larger version you can see more clearly that they're not, especially with no bolts on the top of them.  I would think that footer work would start soon, now that the initial phase of work seems to be wrapping up.  We'll keep you posted as that happens.

I'll leave you with a shot of Steel Force, still one of the park's more popular attractions, and Demon Drop.