Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Ropes Courses Open at Indiana Beach and West Edmonton Mall

This Spring marked the opening of two new Ropes Courses, provided by Ride Entertainment Group and Ropes Courses, Inc.

The course at West Edmonton Mall, courtesy West Edmonton Mall

Both courses are a part of the custom SkyTrail Ropes Courses line of attractions.  Above, the course at the West Edmonton Mall is the largest of its kind in all of North America.  It features 39 different elements and takes guests 40 feet above the floor of the mall.

Indiana Beach, courtesy Ride Entertainment

Indiana Beach also sought out a new interactive attraction for this year, and found it in a new ropes course in the park's Adventure Point area.  The course is located near the park's Ferris Wheel, tucked in a horseshoe shape on the Southern end of the pier.  It features 40 different elements so that no two trips on the course are the exact same.