Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dorney Park 7.30.11 Update

Twas a busy and hot day at Dorney Park today, but it was time for an update so off I went!  Let's start with the big pink duck at the entrance area:

Dorney Park, like many other Cedar Fair parks is currently raising funds for Susan G. Komen For The Cure, for each $5 you donate you can put a pink duck in the pond for a chance to win a TV and Dorney season passes.  A portion of online ticket sales are also being donated.  I think this promotion might have started at Kings Island but has spread to other parks... a great effort by Cedar Fair.

Monster Watch 2011 continues... with no updates.

As for work on the park's new for 2012 ride, well there's been some progress since we last visited.  Whenever you see a big drill on a work site that means... footers are coming!

While there are certainly some new things dotting the former home of Laser, they don't look much like roller coaster footers to me.  Mostly drainage and the like.

The former kiddie rides that were down here finally had their fences, queues, etc removed.  The area looks more open that ever right now.

A wider view of the work site.  I believe that there's a new footer right in the middle of the photo, but it looks exactly like a lamp post support to me.  I think that the heavy work on ride footers will begin soon, though - there are rebar cages back closer to the rest rooms that have arrived.

Finally this shot was taken next two Revolution's queue line, you can see they had to use this area for parking again.  A new Haunt is rumored to pop up here this Fall, but hopefully with the new land purchased areas like this can permanently become part of the park, and not have to be let open for parking on busy days.