Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Would You Like To Take A Survey?

A reader was invited to take an online survey regarding possible new attractions at Six Flags Great Adventure for 2012.  That gets your attention, right?  Well they passed on the contents of the survey, so let's have a look.

There have been some other Six Flags surveys going out recently, most regarding possible new attraction names.  In that sense, they were somewhat vague.  This one was not.

The Great Adventure survey asked about 4 rides: A Musik Express, Bumper Cars, a "Dumbo" style ride called Flying Elephants, and a Star Flyer.  There were general questions about each of the rides, like who would be interested and if it is appealing.

Apparently things honed in on the Star Flyer at that point, even explaining that they come in many heights and asking what the best height would be - everywhere from 20 feet to 500 feet tall, with 100 ft. increments available as choices.  The survey also showed Windseeker at Cedar Point as an example 300 ft. version, compared to a photo of a usual 200 ft. Star Flyer.

Things get real interesting when the survey asked (and a screen grab was sent, above) if for 2012 the 300 ft. version of a Star Flyer would be desired, or a package of rides that include the Musik Express, Bumper Cars, Flying Elephant, and 200 ft. version of a Star Flyer.

So, perhaps the park is seriously considering reopening the section of the park that's been closed, which coincidentally has a Musik Express and Bumper Cars.  Not sure what to make of the Flying Elephants, but all that and a bag of chips Star Flyer would be awesome!  That would get my vote, for sure!