Friday, July 22, 2011

We All Could Use A Splash Or Two, Right?

In honor of the 102 degrees that it is outside my home, and a somewhat slow news week I present to you all a water ride.   If I can't be there to cool off, I can at least check out refreshing videos!

Riverquest at Phantasialand has intrigued me a great deal since it opened at the park in 2002.  Here's an example of why:

The ride has some pretty crazy elements, including three rather severe (to say the least) looking drops and a boat-devouring whirlpool.  It was designed by Hafema and uses a vertical lift to take the rafts up 70 feet before things kick in.  Hafema creates some pretty cool looking water rides, only a handful of which have been built in the U.S.


J said...

Truly terrifying, I refused to ride it when I went. :P Was scared of getting soaked!