Friday, July 29, 2011

Next Week Is Announcement Week!

Holiday World has a $9 million secret and they're going to clue us all in on August 3rd.  While not giving any revealing information away, the park has said that what will be announced will be "the largest single ride project in the park's 65-year history."

I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty nice to me!  It sounds like there will be something for both the theme park and Splashin' Safari, though the ride for the theme park sounds like the really big addition.

If you are in the park on the 3rd the announcement will be open to the public in the park's Holiday Theater at 11 am CDT.

Six Flags Great America is also planning a large announcement for August 1st.  The park has slowly been revealing some clues on their Facebook page, but unless you're proficient in reading blurry there's not much to know yet.

You can tell that whatever it is it has to do with the County Fair section of the park, at least part of it will be blue, and it might use a slogan of "It's baaaack."

From that I pretty much still don't have anything! 

Smack dab in the middle of both of these announcement is Hersheypark's big reveal, to take place in the park on the 2nd at 12:12 pm.  With so much viral game playing going on with that one I'm sure everyone will be more than ready to finally get the skinny on what the park is building!

Sounds like a fun week, if you ask me!


Freddy said...

Wow Can't wait, I think it's another woodie ;)

Jordan said...

SFGAm has to be Tidal Wave, its one of the most famous blue rides at the park that was taken down!