Friday, July 8, 2011

On a Power Trip!

Photo courtesy of Orlando Sentinel

Fun Spot USA, located in Kissimmee, FL, welcomes the newly-relocated Power Trip Coaster from Cypress Gardens, where it operated as Galaxy Spin. This Zamperla Twister model joins a wonderful collection of thrill rides, including Hot Seat (S&S Screaming Swing), Yo-Yo, Screaming Eagles (Flying Scooters ride), and Screamer (Moser drop tower).

The location for the new coaster is right along Kissimmee's popular Highway 192, which is sure to cause some rubber-necking! Also of note, the park's map is incredibly detailed, and worth taking a look at here or on Fun Spot USA's website.


Dave said...

What even was the point of building the lego technic wild mouse when they had another very similar coaster to it already? I don't understand the legoland development. I also don't understand how they couldn't make the PTC rolling stock on starliner look like lego trains.