Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stinger Speculation

Cedar Fair has trademarked the name Stinger for a new amusement park attraction, among a host of other (typical for a ride name) categories.  The trademark is new, and was just filed by the company on June 6th, 2011.

So, now what could the Stinger be?  Well, it's pretty darn early to know for sure what ride may gain this moniker, but speculation will start anyway I'm sure.  Dorney Park and Canada's Wonderland are the only C.F. parks with active construction taking place currently, but it's still very early in the summer.

As for what Stinger would represent, well the obvious choice would be the stinger on an animal, such as a bee or a scorpion.  It's also used in various weapons terminology, but that's a bit of a bad fit. A coaster named Stinger already exists at Paulton's Park in England, but it's a small family ride.

Stinger sounds like a decent name as a reference to a scorpion's tail, which does make a shape quite like a cobra roll.  Screamscape points to an animal theme for Dorney's new attraction... are the pieces of the puzzle falling into place?