Friday, July 15, 2011

Watch Out For The Cobra's Strike

From a design announced a year ago, to the final product seen above, the new King Cobra slide provided by Polin looks pretty incredible! Naturally there are other slides out there that feature similar elements, including a twisting start and steep drop, but the theming on the King Cobra is what really sets it apart for me.

The new slide recently opened in Turkey, at the Cobra Kingdom Waterpark at Maxx Royal.  This installation was the first in the world of the new attraction.  Two double tubes leave the loading area at the same time, and follow their own course down to the steep drop. They then both simultaneously slide up into the spitting cobra's mouth.  Rafts then oscillate up and down both sides of the slide, until coming to a stop.

So when you might be able to take a trip on the King Cobra?  Well another slide has already opened in Russia, and more are on the way.  Five other contracts for the slide are pending, and Polin expects that by mid-2012 there will be an additional three King Cobra slides in Asia, two in the middle east, and one in America.

So, what American water park is looking to add one of these!?