Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekly Rewind 7.9.11

Premier Rides has opened a new LIM launched shuttle ride at Trans Studio theme park in Indonesia.  The ride sends trains across the track at 62 mph into a mini Mr. Freeze layout.

I know we've covered Michigan's Adventure's new Beach Party interactive water fun house here before, but this article has some nice photos and video of the attraction that are worth checking out.  That geyser must be a ton of fun on a really windy day!

County Commissioners have removed spectator fees for Westchester residents visiting Playland Park.  Previous, residents had to pay a $5 fee to enter the park, which was started to help the park's finances.

Fuji-Q Highland has opened Takabisha, which is now the world's steepest coaster.  The 141 ft. drop on the ride curves inward at 121 degrees.  This story has amazing photographs, just ignore the one where they call Fujiyama Takabisha!

Knott's Berry Farm will attempt to break the world record for the most people husking corn at one time on July 14th.  No really, they are!

A new theme park is being planned to open outside Beijing, called the Monkey Kingdom.  The Funland Blog has a look at the concept art, which makes the park look quite pretty.

I'm a sucker for fountain shows, and Efteling is adding a huge one next year named Aquanura.  WET Design is behind the addition, famous for the Bellagio Dubai fountains.  Should be spectacular.

Disney California Adventure had some behind-the-walls photos shared of Cars Land construction.  It's amazing how massive the project is - this is going to be one fantastic ride when it opens next year.

Joey Chestnut once again won the hot dog eating contest held yearly at Coney Island, this year eating 62 dogs and buns in 10 minutes.  Ohhhh my stomach turns at the thought....