Friday, March 4, 2011

One Colorful Tower!

© 2011 Six Flags St. Louis

With another section of tower in place on Six Flags St. Louis' SkyScreamer and more on site and waiting to be placed, we now can see just how colorful the ride will be.  As rendered in the preview video, each of the ride's section will be a different color of the rainbow.  You can also see the ride carriage being put together on the ground behind the tower.

When all is said and done, Six Flags St. Louis' new 236 ft. tall ride will look similar to Fiesta Texas' Scream:

Only of course with one tower instead of three, and the colors in a different order, but you get what I mean!  The new thrill ride will certainly make its presence known at the theme park.

Six Flags St. Louis hopes to have SkyScreamer open to the pubic in mid-May.