Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Canada's Wonderland Glows With Starlight Spectacular

In addition to the previously announced WindSeeker thrill ride, Canada's Wonderland will also debut the Starlight Spectacular this summer.

The theme park, "celebrates its 30th birthday this summer with Starlight Spectacular, a million dollar light and sound experience. This innovative show will dazzle the senses when the fountain dances in up to 16,000,000 colors and International Street glitters with 300,000 LED lights. The highlight of the show is an unprecedented display of animated effects and 3D images which will transform Wonder Mountain to a spectacular canvas of colors."

So where's Snoopy?  He won't be involved in this version, though it does sound quite different than other light shows Cedar Fair has done.  First, it's contained to the park's entry area, not a tree lined path like at other parks.  It also has significantly less lights than other displays, but seems to focus more on fancy light projections on Wonder Mountain and in the fountains.

Could we see these slimmed down versions of the nighttime displays come to other parks in the future?