Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Blast From The Past - Wonderland's Boa Squeeze

Wonderland Park was a 22,000 square foot facility that opened inside the Forest Fair Mall, near Cincinnati Ohio in December of 2001. Wonderland offered the latest in video games, birthday parties, pizza and some amusement rides with the kids in mind. The park operated year round and generally the same hours as the mall.

Open of the amusement rides happened to be a deluxe model kiddie coaster designed and built by E&F Miler Industries. Dubbed Boa Squeeze, the ride featured a jungle theme. With a maximum height of 11 feet, a drop of 10 feet, and a 10 passenger train roomy enough for mom or dad to ride with a young one.

The track is painted green, as are the surrounding walls and floors and the train resembles a snake.

Boa Squeeze sat at the very back of the park, this location made the ride visible from both levels of the mall. For two bucks riders got to experience two laps on the 1 minute and eight second ride.

Unfortunately, Wonderland Park and the mall struggled. The mall was revamped and renamed Cincinnati Mills in 2004 as primarily an outlet mall. By 2008, many of the outlets had gone out of business and Wonderland was causality as well, closing their doors in March of that year.

Boa Squeeze was sold and relocated to Enchanted Forest in Utica IL. Opening in 2010 the coaster is still thrilling enthusiasts young and old today.