Monday, March 7, 2011

Two Six Flags Rides Receive "Topper Track" for 2011

© Rocky Mountain Construction

There were rumors of a couple of Six Flags wooden coasters getting some of Rocky Mountain Construction's new Topper Track this winter, and as it turns out they were true.  Above is an image of the type of topper track that has been installed on the coasters.

Reports came flying in when Six Flags Fiesta Texas opened this past weekend that The Rattler had a section of its track replaced.  In a batch of photos posted on TPR we get a good look at the new steel 'topper' track that sits on top of the existing wooden structure. 

Cyclone at Six Flags New England is also receiving some of the track, though we can't be sure how much yet at the park isn't open.  SFNE Online posted a photo of the track at the park, making the renovations a sure bet.

Depending on how the track is received on these two coasters, we may be seeing a lot more of this style of refurbishment in the future.


Bryon said...

I love roller coasters, but don’t tell my kids. They want to go to an amusement park, but I can’t ride them any more since I gained so much weight, and I don’t want to watch them have fun when I can’t. For now I just tell them I hate roller coasters and they can’t go. I’m afraid they are old enough that persistence is hard to ignore. The only silver lining is that the kids can watch TV on the way there because my Sling box is connected to my DISH Network employee DVR which sends live or recorded TV to my iPhone. Sometimes I get depressed when I think about the things I didn’t have when I was a kid. Oh, wait, I was busy BEING a kid.