Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dollywood's Barnstormer Complete + 2012 Rumblings

Dollywood will open for the 2011 season on March 26th, and this will also be the day that the park's new ride, Barnstormer, will open.

© 2011 Dollywood

In photos shared on the park's Barnstormer website (which was recently given a clean new look), the attraction looks ready to go.  As usual, the level of theming and care put into the new ride is top notch.

© 2011 Dollywood

Riders will sit on one of two of the rides arms, and be swung out to a maximum height of 81 feet at 45 miles per hour.  The attraction represents a $5.5 million investment for the park.

While everyone is quite excited to take a spin on Barnstormer, rumblings are already starting about Dollywood's 2012 plans.

The park has plans on the local planning commission's agenda for a new 2012 attraction.  No other details are available, though the park has said they have plans for a very unique announcement for the attraction later this summer.

Sounds like something big is on the horizon for the park, and I for one am excited to hear what they have planned!