Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Twisted Green Progress

Six Flags Great Adventure is making swift progress on the Green Lantern now that the weather has cleared and the snow is gone.  I just happened to check out the webcam for the ride and was surprised by how much track and supports are up!

The ride's complete through the end of the dive loop, with track in place leading into the elevated helix.  Occasionally the webcam shows the later half of the ride as well, which looks to have almost its supports already in place.

You can view the webcam and some just-updated photos from Six Flags Great Adventure.


Ryan said...

Looks great.

My only hope is that they actually give it a station and not one like it had at Kentucky Kingdom, that was worse than not having a station at all.

Also I hope they do a little landscaping there too.

robert said...

I only hope it's worth a season pass. My daughter loves Mantis at Cdear Point so my kids and I are looking forward to it. (Still will miss GASM!!!)

Scott and Carol said...


Having ridden both Mantis and Chang,
many, many, many times I can honestly say I much prefer Chang.

Although, a ride on Mantis improves when the trim on the 1st drop is off.

I my book Chang was 2nd, only to Riddlers Revenge, as stand-ups go.



Anonymous said...

One ride makes or breaks a season pass? Great Adventure is mammoth. El Toro and NITRO themselves speak volumes.