Saturday, March 12, 2011

Las Vegas' Sahara Closing May 16th

The winds of change are blowing again in Las Vegas, this time directly at the Sahara resort located on the Northern end of the Strip.  The resort's owner has announced that the property is "no longer economically viable," and will close its doors forever May 16th.

First opened back in 1952, the Sahara is the current home to Speed: The Ride, part of the Nascar Cafe located on property.  The coaster, which opened in 2000, launches out of the building, through a vertical loop, into a second (and faster) launch and straight up a vertical tower - then repeats this course backwards.

With the closing of the resort, the end of Speed: The Ride seems almost certain, at least in its current home.  I was able to take a spin on the ride a couple years ago, so if you want more information and photos check it out.

It would be an interesting ride for a park to pick up, but its custom design (loop below ground level, etc) might work against that.