Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rejected Amusements: V2 Vertical Velocity at Six Flags Marine World

Six Flags Marine World's V2 Vertical Velocity opened in 2001 as a standard Intamin Twisted Impulse coaster. The same year, Six Flags Great America added the same exact ride, simply called Vertical Velocity.

Both rides were 186 feet tall, but V2 was too tall for the city of Vallejo's height limits. Pictured below is the Great America version, which was nearly identical before V2 was altered.

The park changed both towers on the ride: the front, twisting tower was changed from a 90-degree angle to a 45-degree angle (and added extra supports for the weight distribution). The back spike was lowered to 150 feet, and removed extra support for the larger spike. The speed was lowered during the conversion, and and the holding break on the back spike was removed.

The ride re-opened the following year with the changes. In 2007, the park changed it's name to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and painted the coaster to it's current colors (orange track, magenta supports).

V2 continues to operate in this altered state today.