Friday, March 4, 2011

Scott And Carol Present - The (Dare) Devil Went Down to Georgia

On September 1st 2010, Six Flags over Georgia announced their 11th roller coaster and with apologies to Charlie Daniels, this Devil isn't after your soul. Instead, this Devil is offering up a unique experience and some big thrills.

Designed and built by our friends at Gerstlauer, Dare Devil Dive is a custom designed Euro-Fighter which features a 95 foot tall vertical lift hill, a steeper-than-vertical first drop and three inversions and has a top speed of 52 miles per hour.

Dare Devil Dive joins Goliath & Shake Rattle & Roll in the park's USA section of the park. Sadly the park's long standing Drive In Theater concession stand was demolished, as well as the nearby arcade to make room for the new ride.

The ride begins with the train being pulled straight up the vertical lift hill, slowly rolling to the top of the 100 foot tower. After pausing at the crest of the summit, the train plummets downward at an angle that is beyond vertical. In fact it actually angles inward as it reaches nearly 52 mph. The "pause" element at the top of the beyond vertical drop is the first of it's kind.

The ride continues with the train careening through three inversions. Before riders experience airtime on the zero gravity hill, the train traverses a Immelman vertical U turn stretched high above the ground. The finale starts as the train dives toward the ground and rises into the Heartline roll, before reaching the magnetic brakes.

Scheduled to open Memorial Day Weekend, this will be the second attraction in Six Flags Over Georgia's history to carry the Dare Devil Dive name. When the park added a Skycoaster to the Cotton States section in 1996 it was named Fearless Freep's Dare Devil Dive. The name was actually inspired by the Bugs Bunny cartoon, High Diving Hare.

Thanks to Brad Malone for taking time out of his busy day to take us on a construction tour. While there is a lot of work to do, we are looking for to riding Dare Devil Dive just as soon as we can. Is it spring yet?