Monday, March 1, 2010

Wait Just a Darn Minute

© 2010 La Ronde

Is it 2008 and are we watching Michigan's Adventure build Thunderhawk? No, no - that's just crazy - it's 2010 and we're watching a different slightly used Vekoma SLC coaster going up - this time at La Ronde.

Yes, it happens to be the same layout, and yes it happens to be the same color scheme, but really - they're different rides!

Joking aside (wait one more - since when does Six Flags copy Cedar Fair's McDonald's color scheme!?) - La Ronde is making progress on their new coaster - check out all the photos here.


Anonymous said...

Kong at SFDK has had that paint job since 2003.

NewsPlusNotes said...

Good point, that did come quite some time before Thunderhawk.