Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Amusing Ads Archive - Six Flags 1995

We're taking a break from industry supplier ads this week, instead I wanted to take a look at this general Six Flags ad. Remember the "So Big. So Fast. So Close!" campaign? I certainly do, the series of print and TV commercials that featured the slogan always got me excited for visits to my local Six Flags park.

Also note that they advertised having more thrill rides than any other theme park company, true of the time. Cedar Fair had a bunch of parks at that point, but certainly not as many as now. Other European based chains blew up in size after this era, and while Disney has a lot of rides not all of them could classify as 'thrill.'

And the Texas Giant was prominently featured as the #1 coaster in the world! Funny how 15 years later Six Flags Over Texas is trying to reclaim that title for the ride.