Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Settled & Six Flags Managment is Staying Put

Here's some good news on the Six Flags home front. On the ninth day of the trial that SFI Noteholders, aka The Stark bondholders, were seeking approval of its plan of reorganization, a proposed settlement was reached allowing the current management to remain in place.

Originally Stark had indicated they were planning on replacing management if their plan of reorganization was adopted.

Maybe now management can focus on getting the parks & new attractions open for the 2010 season and working on restructuring the debt.

Click here for the complete story from Reuters.


Unknown said...

Sounds great except two things.

1. Dan Snyder is still there. Football fans will understand this, specifically Redskin's.
2. Borrowing 1.1B to pay off 1.1B in debt only to replace that debt with new debt.