Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Amusing Ads Archive - Hopkins 1993

Hopkins has had quite a nice working relationship with Wonderland Park, eh? The park has turned to the manufacturer for many rides, including some rather unique ones.

For instance, Hopkins built the custom, double looping Texas Tornado back in 1985. I've always thought the supports on that ride looked quite interesting. While Hopkins is known for water rides, they stepped outside those bounds for Wonderland, in addition to the coaster they built a monorail and a skyride.

The ad's feature attraction is the new "Pipeline Plunge," a 50 ft. tall set of wet-dry set waterslides that debuted at the park in 1994.


linearinduction said...

There are many parks out there with OD Hopkins Sky Rides, such as Canobie, Lagoon, Hershey Park, etc.