Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Six Flags Over Texas Announces the Giant's Details

Six Flags Over Texas has let some of the details out regarding the Texas Giant's $10 million renovation. The park showed off the new track that's going to be on the Giant today - and it's being described as a world's first.

The new running rails, made entirely of steel, are called Iron Horse Coaster Track, and are being fabricated by Rocky Mountain Construction Group. Rocky Mountain's resume includes El Toro at Great Adventure and T Express at Everland, two of the highest rated wooden coasters on Earth.

Plenty of other records will be smashed when the Texas Giant reopens in 2011, including the steepest drop on a wooden coaster at 79 degrees. Steepest bank, formerly found on Gravity Group rides at 90 degrees, will also be smashed with the Giant's 95 degree banking.

The new ride's lift hill will also be ten feet taller than it previously was, making it stand around 153. ft tall. With the added height comes a faster top speed, as well.

The renovated Texas Giant will be the park's focus during the company wide 50th anniversary celebration in 2011. I for one have a feeling a trip to Texas that year just might have to happen!


BnM Lover said...

any word if the layout will change?

NewsPlusNotes said...

I do not believe the park has released the details on that yet, but I think I remember reading rumblings that parts of it would be the same, and parts totally different.